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Your music sucks!

November 25, 2008

You are not your art!

The music you make is just something you’ve produced, it’s not you.

When someone tells you that they don’t like your music, it’s not a critique of you as a person, simply a judgment on something you’ve created.


Likewise, positive feedback is not about you either, but rather about something you did that resonates with the listener.

Sure, we all want to be loved; it’s just that our self worth shouldn’t come from people’s opinion of our work.

Fans don’t really love you; it’s the experience that you give them that they love.


Welcome to the show

November 19, 2008

Sorry, we’re just having a few problems with our keyboard rig,…………….. um Hi, thanks for um coming, um, um, this is called um……..(turn to guitarist and whisper) Are we ready?………….. Now you can listen to me tune for 30 seconds, entertain yourselves………….. Can we get more foldback, less keys in the monitors……….Guys, what’s next?………mumble, mumble…. Ooops, the drummer has started the wrong song and it’s too fast!………This is a new song, we’re not quite sure how to end it, so bare with us… um thanks for coming, um see you later…….


What your audience is hearing is: We don’t have it together, we haven’t rehearsed enough, we’re not really all that professional, and most importantly WE JUST DON”T CARE!

You have to care! People have taken time out from their lives to watch your gig. Show them respect and give them an experience to take home and talk about….

JUST don’t DO IT!

November 7, 2008

What else do you do in your band?

You play an instrument, sing, or perhaps you’re the drummer with aspirations of becoming a musician one day.


What other roles have you taken on?

I’ve been in bands where I was booking agent, press agent, tour manager, web developer, fan list administrator, even accountant, just to list a few.

I had one of those “aha” moments recently. These roles are not why I’m in a band!

I’m a musician and playing drums for my band is what I do. I’m just not interested in any of those other roles anymore.

You know what? That’s how it should be!


If you’re currently your bands booking agent and you’re frustrated with all the time and energy it burns, then simply stop! There is always someone else who will enjoy the role. If it’s not within the band, then do a little work and find them.

The point is that you don’t have to take on any role that you don’t want, just because someone has to do it. Find someone that wants to do it instead

If you do take on any non playing roles, keep in mind that people are relying on you, so make sure it’s something you enjoy doing.