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How to get what you want

January 15, 2009

Bands starting out, spend too much time asking others to: “listen to their music, come to their show, vote for them on this and that site, ask more established bands to give them gigs, please buy my cd”……..

It’s all ME, ME, ME!

Why should anyone do anything for you? No one really cares about you and your annoying band.

The way to get what you want, is to give others what they want first.

If there’s a band slightly ahead of you, offer to run their light show for them at their next gig. No one ever has a lighting tech at this level and the desks are so easy to use.


Offer to help promote their gig, through your fan base.

Go to a gig, introduce yourself, buy them a drink at the bar, and just chat about their particular journey.

If you build a rapport with other bands, help ‘em out a little, they will offer your band a gig without you even asking.