No one knows anything about the future of music!

Don’t believe anyone that tells you they do, and especially anyone with a book to sell you on the future of music and how to succeed!

Sure, the current business model is dead. That’s been so well documented that it’s not worth talking about, yet it’s nothing to do with the future .

All we know is that the landscape has changed. Consumers no longer  want to consume music as we have been for the last 40 years or so.


So how do you get your band ready for the future?
Work on your live show, grow your tribe one fan at a time and be remarkable, a band that people talk about.

The future is coming, we have no idea what it looks like, but we can be ready for it.



One Response to “No one knows anything about the future of music!”

  1. jack the house Says:

    check this FUTURE BEAT… this artist i found called vinyl life have this amazing video of them flying through space in an 808. too crazy.



    jack the house

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