Can you see the future?

What does your band future success look like?

Have you even thought about it?

Do you have a goal, a plan, a place your heading to? Words are imperfect, so use whatever words you need to describe your destination, but just have one.


We’ve all played tennis racket guitar along to our favorite band as kids, and dreamt of one day hitting the big time. Now that you’re kind off grown up, what does “the big time” mean to you now? What’s your definition of being in a successful band? What’s your collective band definition of success? If you don’t have one, work it out and soon!

With no clear picture of how you wish your career to pan out, how with you ever achieve any success? Sure, luck will play a part in any successful career, but it’s the kind of luck successful people refer to as working hard and then being in the right place at the right time.. They all talk about how hard they work for their “lucky breaks”.

Without a direction, how will you decide which gigs to play, or more importantly, which to refuse? Without direction, how will you know what to do with that CD you’ve just recorded? How will you know who your audience is, or where to find them?


Without a clear picture, how would you know where you were at any point? How will you ever know how far you’ve come or how much further you have to go?

How will you know what the next step is if you’ve no idea as to where you’re going?

Are you making things happen, or just waiting for things to happen to you?


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