Twitter and the band!

The thing I like most about twitter, is that it’s a perfect example of permission marketing.

In this era of rampant spam and general information overload, it’s crucial that you have permission from your fans before you start engaging them. Even then you need to be reserved and not intrude into their lives. I’m still not convinced that I need to know what people just had for dinner, but I’m sure twitter will evolve.

You’re in the studio, recording some tracks, so why not get your fans involved by posting takes as you track them. Send a tweet to your fans and you can get feedback in real time.

Sure, you may not want fan input on all your recordings, so how a bout you “give” your fans a track? Pick a song that you’re recording and stream the process online in real time, with fans giving their input in real time via twitter.

Ask your twitter fans to help you with the song list on the day of a show, or any requests that they want to hear at the gig.

Ask fans to send you mini reviews via twitter during the gig itself. It could even make for interesting banter between songs, who knows?

Put on a show or an after show party just for your twitter fans. This is all about adding value to the experience for your fans. Make certain things exclusive to twitter fans, not available on your website or your other social networks. Remember, we’re talking hard core fans here, not just the casual listener. The hardcore fan wants to hear from you, so make them feel special, because the are!

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but I’ve no doubt that as more artists embrace twitter, the innovators will create a bunch of cool tools to enhance the experience. I love those little innovators!

You can find me on twitter :

oh, I’m about to have steak for dinner


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