If you build it, will they come?

You have the myspace page, your band facebook page is up and running. The tech savvy of you, even have your own website. You’ve spent all your collective savings, even maxed out a credit card or two, just to get that CD finished.

So, now what? No one really cares, do they? Radio won’t play it; no one is coming to your gigs, and now that your 20 friends have all bought a CD, what happens to the remaining 480 in those boxes under your bed? It’s a great CD, you’re a great band!

But, you’re different, this is something special, right? C’mon, how hard are you really working at this band thing?

Are you really, really, I mean, really working at this? With over 8 million artists on myspace alone, the world doesn’t want just another band. Just going with the flow and putting yourself out there, with a “build it and they will come” mindset, doesn’t cut it anymore!

What are you doing to be extraordinary?


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